Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Google on a buying spree

Google bought Postini this week for $625M. Postini will be integrated into Google Apps for Enterprises. Many analysts speculate that Google needs to add security before wide spread acceptance of its apps happens. Postini also offers secure hosted IM.

Apart from Postini, acquisitions in recent months include call and message coordinator Grand Central, PowerPoint rival Zenter, WebEx clone Marratech, presentation software maker Tonic Systems, and wiki-hosting company Jotspot. In May, Google also acquired Green Border, which secures computers by blocking unwanted downloads and registry changes through “virtualized” Internet browsing sessions. [source: red herring]


Unknown said...

What do you think this means for all the ISPs that use Postini for outsourced spam/virus filtering?

Peter Radizeski said...

Google has no joy in squeezing out ISP's. In fact, since it will be part of Google Apps for Enterprise, ISP's may be able to offer it. (Google opened up Google Apps to ISPs to resell).