Friday, July 27, 2007

Embarq drops 18%

EMBARQ, the former wireline operations of Sprint, announced an 18.5% decline in 2Q07 earnings. Quarterly earnings were $176 million, down from $216M last year, but up 1.6% from last quarter. I guess the highlight was: "The company reported an increase of 52,000 high-speed Internet subscribers, bringing Embarq's total to 1.15 million." [source]. I can tell you why revenues are down. I waited over a month to get local frame quotes from them - to no avail. After 2 phone calls totaling 20 minutes - and 20 minutes of hold time remaining - I was unable to get a quote for 10MB of DIA from this ILEC. Revenues cannot go up if you do not make quotes, people!!!!

If you have a way of actually get quotes from EMBARQ, please contact me. Thank you.

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