Monday, July 30, 2007

DSL adds slowing

Dave at DSL Prime writes that DSL growth is slowing.

AT&T and several smaller telcos have reported reduced DSL net additions in Q2, presumably a trend as prices stay too high to attract the remaining 45% of U.S. homes. DSL for the indefinite future will continue to grow, but the rate is inevitably going to slow.

He blames it on price, but it is more about telco policy. T supposedly offers the $10 DSL as per the merger requirement, but no one can get it. It's like VZ's $9.95 home phone service - It takes too much effort and fighting to order it (without extras) and to get it billed correctly.

And what happened to the $19.95 Naked DSL? This will certainly be cheaper than DSL Lite plus a phone line. And if T had any brains at all, it would offer the Naked DSL through its cellular stores.

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