Sunday, July 22, 2007

CTIA, Cellco, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Spectrum

CTIA is the wireless equivalent of the USTA. It is mainly a mouthpiece for the big cellcos like T and VZW. When Broadcom won its patent fight against Qualcomm, no new Qualcomm phones were able to be imported - just as the iPhone was being released. CTIA got mad and wrote some letters. The funny thing to me is that if Carterphone decision was applied to cellular, CTIA would have this problem. But then cellular has always been driven by handsets, not by the network.

CTIA also is yelling about the 700 spectrum auction (and so are VP's at T). You spend your whole life working for a monopoly - basically for the dole - the easy handouts from the consumers you have been screwing for years. Promises made and broken. Rates that keep increasing even as your income increases. I understand that the PSTN has to be supported as it is the emergency communication system.

One ringing truth: if things were fair, even and open in telecom, T and VZ would have very few clients left, because as most noise on the comment sections state: People hate their phone company.

Randall, Ivan and Gary: Here are some ideas:

  1. You should be looking at ways to RETAIN customers - not ways to DETAIN customers.
  2. Curtail the false advertising. Unlimited should be Unlimited - and $9.95 home phone shouldn't cost $22.
  3. Oh, fees are not mandates - it's called profit. Stop making it look like a tax.

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