Monday, July 09, 2007

50 Ideas in 50 Minutes: First 10 (podcast)

The first 10 ideas from the list of 50+ presented at ISPCON by Jack Brandt and myself. (It’s a podcast). These are the 10:

  1. Plan - so you have a path
  2. Strategy - not just putting out fires
  3. Call your best customers just to make sure everything o.k., ask for referrals
  4. Focus on Goals
  5. Marketing takes 6-9-12 months ... it doesn't work fast
  6. Become an Expert - newsletter, podcast, blog, keep people thinking we know everything
  7. Think tank or Mastermind Group for your business, includes your attorney, CPA, 2 best customers, 2 best prospects, and investors. (Board of Directors)
  8. Hosted nonportable services - like CRM, hosted exchange. Makes you stickey and the Bells can’t do it well.
  9. Get others organized.
  10. Phase out projects that don't meet your goals or distract you from your Goals.

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