Monday, June 25, 2007

Web Hosting Companies on sale

In a blog on The WHIR, there was a blurb about the number of web hosting companies:

I saw a press release from a company called, a newly launched organization designed to help small Web hosting providers unhappy with the extent of their success in the business to sell their companies.

The press release points out:

According to ResultsAbout, a quality online content provider that is a division of About, Inc., there are more than 170 million Web hosts on the Internet., a Web source for search engine marketing, estimates that there are six billion Web sites on the Worldwide Web. If those sites were divided equally among every host, each hosting company would be home to only 35 sites. Obviously, that equality doesn't extend to all, explaining why so many small hosting companies can't make a go of things.

35 sites per hosting company on average! That doesn't sound too profitable when you consider that is an average! Many have less since the top 10 hosting companies have millions of websites.

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