Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Muni Wi-Fi Hopes Pinned to Phillie

When I was pitching ELN to help them with their Muni Wi-Fi venture, I explained to Gary Betty and the Muni Veep that I felt all of muni wi-fi rested on EarthLink's shoulders. Now Tropos and WiFi News are saying that it all rests with ELN & Phillie. [source]

Why? Because the biggest independent ISP is banking their future on Muni Wi-Fi - and the public opinion is that if a Brand name with access to capital and resources and vendor backing can't build it, no one will be able to.

My concern is that ELN is building out 4 at one time - without the benefit of the experience of one finished one to learn from.

One of the keys to success will be gadgets. You'll see.

The other key is Monetizing the network. Let me introduce you to Bare Fruit and Adzilla.

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