Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Keeping Employees

I am actively involved with some clients helping to hire or train employees. (Other clients just vent about their employee issues - and there are many). Hiring and Retaining employees is DIFFICULT. For almost everyone.

Some of the best places to get employees: from other employees, from competitors, from vendors, and from schools you partner with.

Some of the best ways to retain employees: keep them involved; keep them informed; help them development as people; team building; team goals; and 360 reviews.

In an article about buzz, the author writes:

"Create that value together. If your entire team isn’t part of the creation of that value, they will not feel attached to it or compelled to communicate it effectively to others. Every member of your team should have a stake in the creative process - responsible for an essential ingredient in the pie."

The NFIB has an article titled Eleven Low-Cost Ideas for Retaining Employees here.

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