Monday, June 04, 2007

Inside Wiring Ruling @ FCC

The FCC reinforced its order about inside wiring for MTU/MDU (FCC 07-111). Specifically, the Commission clarified that:

  1. Competitive video services providers must not be forced to cut through sheet rock to connect their cable wiring to cable home wiring inside a unit. The Commission found that wiring behind sheet rock is “physically inaccessible" for the purposes of inside wiring rules, like brick, cinder block and similar materials used to construct ceilings and hallways.
  2. Competing telephone companies must have access to the incumbent’s inside wire subloops in multi-unit premises at the terminal block in order to install service. The inside wire subloop typically is used by competing telephone companies to connect to individual consumers in multi-unit buildings.

DSLReports and others wonder how the competition and courts will react.

In other FCC news, Los Angeles is suing the FCC over its cable franchising rule.

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