Tuesday, June 05, 2007

FCC Chairman is Indecent

Following an Appeals Court loss on Indecency, FCC Chairman K-Mart issued this statement. (NSFW). K-Mart uses some expletives as he goes bonkers over the court ruling. Here is a guy that is watching his political aspirations go up in flames. He better sharpen his litigation skills, because instead of Senator he may well need to litigate to pay bills soon. (But then he would be running in NC, a state that has given Congress dubious choices in the past). (At first, I thought this was a parody, until I read his statement).

In other FCC news, the Court upheld the USF contribution requirement for inter-connected VoIP providers. [source]

VoIP providers also have to meet disability requirements [source].

In addition, the FCC ruled on MTU inside wiring. [source and here]

A surprise for the Cellcos, the FCC received 250,000 letters about the 700 auction. The story concludes that it is make or break time for K-Mart. This is his moment to either help consumers or totally sell out. (But first, he needs to wash his mouth out with soap and have some herbal tea).

Then Copps fires off an editorial in the NYT about what public airwaves are and the public's rights. [source]

After making some limp post-Katrina rules, the Dems jumped on the FCC. [source]

FCC Seeks Comment on VoIP 911 [source]

Oh, yeah, LA is challenging K-Mart's franchising rule, too. [source] Great week for him.

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itsrich said...

With a 4 and 6 year old at home, we watch less and less TV because of things like this.