Friday, June 29, 2007

Blunders in Thinking: VZW-iPhone

To continue our blunders them, let's look at Denny Strigl, COO at VZ, who proudly tells how he declined to offer the iPhone. Seth writes a little about how Denny was just saving the status quo. Maybe he will prove smarter than us -- but with all the hype and reviews, you have to figure they will sell millions of these phones ... on the Cingular network - not the VZW one. Update: in another blog, there was a note:
On a related note, Verizon recently released these talking points (courtesy of AppleInsider) to their customer service department in what looks like management's feared mass exodus of Verizon customers to the iPhone. So I hope right now a bunch of Verizon VP's are sitting around talking about what to do with their lethargic hippo.

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