Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AMEX Funding Projects

Details are on the website at Members vote on the projects that AMEX will fund. Looking for a little money to fund an idea? Give it a shot.

Other funding ideas from Business 2.0: This article about smaller VC deals:

If you're a would-be startup founder with a killer idea but no cash, you might be in luck: Landing seed funding is about to get a lot easier. In February, Charles River Ventures will dish out a batch of $250,000 loans from its new QuickStart Fund (first up: a company called Mobeus, which turns speech into mobile text messages) and dig through 3,000 loan application forms. The investment is unusually small, but even stranger is the fact that few strings are attached - you don't have to give up a percentage of your company on the spot. All that the VCs require is the right to be an investor in your Series A round of funding, if you get that far. Tenfold and greater returns on Internet investments - think Google and - are getting harder to find in an era of cheap software tools and free distribution. ....... Bicoastal VC firm Y Combinator is investing up to $20,000 in a dozen startups every six months.

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