Thursday, May 03, 2007

Voice 3.0

There are a lot of different things that you can do with voice and video these days. So if you are looking to increase ARPU, you will have to look at real added value. Here are some start-ups that are doing VoIP and/or Video mashups:

  1. SimulScribe converts your voicemail messages to text (and includes the VM file with the email). $10 per month for 40 messages.
  2. The GizmoProject by SipPhone.
  3. GrandCentral is useful for people that play lost of phone tag. "With a simple Web sign-up, GrandCentral's free service assigns users a new phone number in an area code of their choosing, which, when dialed, can ring any of six registered office, cell and home phone numbers simultaneously. When picking up a call routed via GrandCentral on any registered phone, the service announces who's calling and then offers a choice to accept the call, send it to voice mail, listen in on voice mail while a message is being left, or accept and digitally record the call." [source]
  4. Phone Gnome
  5. TalkPlus let's you add numbers to your cell phone, so you can have one for work, one for special clients and one for home. And manage it all.
  6. Jangl gives you throw away numbers and SMS messaging. Jangle (according to VoIP Girl) "Provides a click-to-call widget (let's call this widget dialing) for social network sites, web sites and blogs that masks the incoming and outgoing numbers. It's a way for people to make and receive calls without giving out phone numbers. " VOIPGirl has a full explanation on Jangl here.
  7. Jaxtr (according to VoIP Girl) "Provides a click-to-call widget (button) for social networking sites like MySpace, web sites, and blogs. Visitors to your page have the option to call you, send you a text message, or leave you a voice message. They don't need a microphone or headset. They call you by entering their phone number in the widget, Jaxtr then provides a local number for them to dial."
  8. JaJah (according to VoIP Girl) "Provides web-based dialing, or dialing from a web page, without a microphone or headset. All calls are made phone to phone, whether landline or mobile. This means the person you're calling does not have to be connected to the internet."
  9. Gary Kim posts about Iotum with Jajah on a Blackberry here.
  10. SightSpeed
  11. Video Email
  12. Raketu is a VoIP multi-messenger upstart, sends SMS messages, has Caller-ID spoofing, and international Skype-like calling.
  13. ReadyTalk for web-conferencing. ReadyTalk has Unlimited Web Conferencing for 15 people for $49 per month - far cheaper than their rate of 24 cents per minute per participant (which equals $14 per hour per person - or $216 for 15 people on one call).

VOIPGirl has more on other Voice 3.0 apps here.

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