Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Using FUD to sell DR & Security and a Seminar

In a letter to LocalTechWire, North Carolina Tech Assoc. begs the question what would you do if disaster strikes; then continues to throw scenario after scenario out there. In closing the letter states:

NCTA is determined to raise awareness of the security dangers currently facing corporate America and has designed the “Five Pillars of Executive Leadership in a Non-Secure World” conference to brief executives on the essentials while branching out from traditional business models.

I don't know if using fear and uncertainty works in our jaded society filled with national security alerts. DR (disaster recovery) is getting a lot of press because it is hurricane season and the "experts" at the weather centers are predicting a banner year for supermarkets, hardware stores, batteries and generators. In other words, the same song as last year and the year of Katrina.

Computer security is a tough sell as well. Why? I think because unless it is easy, EZ, easy, EZ ... workers won't use it. Security is not easy. If you don't broadcast SSID of the WLAN, if you make them use a 128-bit WAP encryption code, if you make them log in to VPN and a server and email, it is too tough, too much resistance, and more holes are created.

In the end it is all about the user experience and user education. (Both are where the money lies).

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