Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Note on Open CALEA

from an email about Open CALEA:
OpenCALEA isn't ready yet, It compiles and installs but it doesn't actually function very well (or at all). They're trying as hard as they can to have it ready for the deadline but I wouldn't count on it or rely on it. If they want to be 100% safe I would say go buy that $7k box we saw from solera. If that's out of the question they just need to familiarize themselves with tcpdump on any linux/bsd/whatever router they have. pcap dumps with tcpdump should be sufficient for any warrant and hopefully OpenCALEA will be finished and have a fully functioning implementation of T1.IAS before we have to put that to the test. Just keep in mind I'm no authority on the subject and everything I know about this is nothing more than info I've picked up from the opencalea mailing lists and various conversations with other people.

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