Tuesday, May 22, 2007

news from CALEA Providers

It's a week after mandated CALEA compliance so here are the updates:
  1. Procera Networks' CALEA Trusted Third Party Provider West Central Net Extends PacketLogic Deployments: "They chose PacketLogic primarily because it delivers a cost-effective CALEA technical assistance capability which is an immediate requirement for them due to the May 14th compliance deadline. In addition, they will eventually use PacketLogic to offer additional services, and gain new visibility into their networks in order to monitor and optimize traffic, and control spiraling bandwidth costs," states Bill Woods, Internet business manager for WCN." [source]
  2. CALEA was good for Procera: "During the quarter, the company posted a 40% revenue increase over the fourth quarter of 2006 to $1.985 million, and its gross margins were 78%." [source]
  3. CALEA: It doesn't apply to universities and libraries after all
  4. "NetEqualizer’s CALEA probe will allow an ISP or other system operator to meet with a basic warrant for information about a user on their network by capturing and sending IP communications in real time to a third party. This communication can be captured either by headers alone, or by both headers and content. The probe will provide basic descriptive tags identifying headers, data, and time stamps, along with HEX or ASCII representation of content data." [source]
  5. Solera Networks Updates Solera CALEA Appliance [source]

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