Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MTU Strategy: Telkonet's BPL system

I know it looks like I read Telephony today and blogged every article, but believe me that is unusual, since that is such a pro-Bell mag that this issue must have been hijacked. But in the latest issue (and online here), there is an article about Telkonet and its CEO, Ron Pickett. Telkonet makes a system to deliver triple play to a building (MTU/MDU/hospitality) via the electrical wiring. (The iWire system is something of a BPL strategy).

Add one of their acquisitions to get a nice package. "The true power in what EthoStream provides, Tienor said, is the monitoring and support for the high-speed connectivity of its properties, much of which relies on wireline premises infrastructure over VDSL or coax. “We monitor the [ISP] in real time,” he said."

Another acquisition was "Smart Systems International, a developer of in-room energy management systems designed primarily for the hospitality industry." This completes the package to attract more hospitality properties to the 200 that they now have.

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