Friday, May 04, 2007

More Web 2.0 mashups

Mashups from Entrepreneurs magazine and featured at DEMO:

  • CircleUp lets event organizers query large groups and get a single, coherent response.
  • Ejamming allows garage bands to jam online even when band members are in different garages.
  • Me.dium shows web rubberneckers where online crowds are.
  • PairUp helps travelers know who else will be there when they get there.
  • Share2Me makes for quick swapping of vids and pix with buddies on any IM platform.
  • Twitter's simple mission is to let friends ask friends, "Whaddya doin'?"
  • Iqzone offers a cell phone version of Craigslist classified ads. (IQZone was at CTIA)
  • Attendio shares news and reviews of plays, concerts and other artsy stuff among those with similar tastes.
  • MyDesignIn lets you build and furnish your dream home online with the help of professionals and amateurs who've been there, done that.
  • gives home shoppers the 411 on neighborhoods, realtors and individual properties from residents.
  • Aggregate Knowledge bubbles up content relevant to each surfer by analyzing the browsing patterns of the crowd.
  • Trailfire lets surfers leave bread crumbs for each other, helping everyone quickly find a path to exactly what they want.
  • TextDigger doesn't take your search terms literally; it infers what you really want.
  • Boorah your way to the best naan in San Fran or pastrami in Poughkeepsie
  • Create a BUZ by mixing a phone greeting with your favorite tune at BUZ Interactive.
  • Build a web portal/message center browsable by phone with GoWare DoMo templates.
  • Teleflip your e-mail to any standard cell phone without special server or client software.

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