Monday, May 21, 2007

M$ Chasing Open Source over Patents

According to the newspaper, Microsoft is looking for licensing agreements from companies making money off open source. We knew this was coming. As their revenue streams start to dry up because of bloat, M$ has to start looking at any sectors that can raise revenue. Open source licensing for instance.

Earlier this week, Microsoft said open-source programs step on 235 Microsoft patents. The core of the free Linux operating system violates 42 patents. Open-source programs' graphical user interfaces, or the way menus and windows look on the screen, breach 65. E-mail programs step on 15, and other programs violate 68 patents, the company said. The patent figures were first reported by Fortune magazine.

Microsoft also said Open Office, an open-source program supported in part by Sun Microsystems Inc., infringes on 45 patents. Sun declined to comment on the allegation.

I wonder what they will do about Google Apps and ASP software.

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