Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CALEA Compliance - The Plan

With less than 2 weeks to go - and many people anxious about the deadline (or just finding out about it), let me point out that there are 3 parts to CALEA compliance:

  1. The Plan - the form to be filed by May 14
  2. The ability to Intercept (hardware capability)
  3. The data formatting & VPN or FTP to the LEA

Cisco and some other equipment is "CALEA Compliant" in that you can collect a tcpdump or whatever. But then you need to collect that data, extract only the data that the LEA needs, and send it to them within 8 seconds in real-time, transparently, without adding noticeable latency.

The Plan needs to be filed to let the FCC and the Feds know that you have thought upon compliance and have an idea of what you will do if/when presented with a subpoena.

The TTP mainly does # 3. You still need # 1 and # 2

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