Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Cable Show Kicks DSL, FCC

The Big Cable Show in Vegas resulted in the Big MSO CEO's sitting around laughing about the sad attempts that telcos are making. The big MSO's - TW, Comcast & Cablevision - discussed their partnering with content (Hollywood) for on-demand video and same-day release to PPV of major motion pictures. (At $50 or $70 to watch Fantastic 4: The Silver Surfer at home instead of in a dirty movie theater with a bunch of unruly kids).

Telcos can only sell the services for cheap for so long - as debt piles up and revenues slide. (of course, they do a great job of transparent accounting (sc)).

At The Cable Show in Las Vegas this month, Steve Burke, chief operating officer for Comcast, said more than half of his company's new broadband customers are DSL refugees while Tom Rutledge, chief operating officer for Cablevision Systems, called DSL, “Digital Slow Line.” [source]

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