Tuesday, May 15, 2007

at&t is the largest ISP

There is a reason at&t is the largest ISP - they bought everyone! at&t sells lots of kinds of access:
  • dial-up
  • DSL
  • U-verse
  • cellular (GSM/EDGE)
  • fixed wireless (Navini stuff that BST was doing in Palatka, FL and GA)
  • soon wi-fi (as they fight EarthLink over Chi-town), and
  • satellite (through re-sale of Wild Blue).
Not much of that is the broadband network they promised us in 1998, when then-SBC asked for rate hikes for broadband. But, hey, BB is now defined by the FCC as 200K one-way. So it's all good. Unfortunately, except for the premium DSL & U-verse stuff, most of it is either inadequate or not-allowed for VoIP or video. And Andy points out that most of the new build is actually over-build in markets to grab the best customers.

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