Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vonage Round UpToday

Vonage Admits it has no Workaround (here and there). With no work around (and as Andy points out Vonage has "SBC's (Session Border Controllers), Media Gateways and SIP Proxies, and not much else beyond an authentication server. If they do, I'd like to hear it, because in the past (like three years or so ago) they never would say what they had, other than that they had their own software to manage their network." Looks like licensing may be the out. The rumor mill was saying Sprint was looking to buy Vonage (Light Reading) - but it turns out that the rumor was false, as Business Week describes. Now there are rumors of BK. The NYT headline: Vonage Says That It May Face Bankruptcy. Big news in the patent front: There's Prior Art On Verizon's VoIP Patents from Dan Berninger (and TechDirt).

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