Monday, April 16, 2007

PC Support is on the ISP

You probably see these problems every day:

Although cable and telecom providers are signing up more people for high-speed Internet service, their subscribers aren't getting any more tech-savvy. If anything, the growing popularity of the Internet has been taxing for customer-service departments because clients can't always tell the difference between a modem and a hard drive. But customer service representatives can't simply ignore consumers experiencing technical difficulties not related to the service, because frustrated subscribers may be inclined to switch to competitors. "Customers want to fix the problems themselves, but if they can't, they'll go to an ISP regardless of whether it's the [ISP's] problem or not," said John Fisher Jr., co-founder and chief operating officer of Boulder-based Peak8 Solutions. To help the providers' customer service reps deal with the potentially costly and time-consuming dilemma, Peak8 has developed a software program that allows the reps to diagnose and troubleshoot computer problems remotely. [source]

VZ just announced a tech support package for DSL users starting at $10 per month. This opens the door for your business to add support and maintenance contracts. Or even sell hardware or software solutions like PCVive.

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