Friday, April 13, 2007

Muni Pile On Week

DSLReports writes: Cities Realize Wi-Fi Isn't Magic Pixie Dust. "Taipei, like many cities in the U.S., see Wi-Fi as a sort of economic panacea -- a competitive edge in a global marketplace. Unfortunately the technological limitations of Wi-Fi are making those dreams hard to attain." Of course, everyone is piling on. [Other articles include Wi-Fi Networking, GigaOm, TechDirt, more Wi-Fi News.]

We live in a flat world where every city and town is fighting for economic survival. No city or town can afford to look technologically backward. How do you bring in jobs and skilled employees without the proper infrastructure? Without roads, water, electricity, and now broadband, how do you land 200 well paying jobs from a Global1000 firm?

As TechDirt says: The Expectations were too high.

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