Thursday, April 26, 2007

Help Your Customers Cut IT Costs

Opening paragraph to a report from Frost & Sullivan hits the nail:

Too often, however, businesses conclude that the only means to have the IT infrastructure that can meet -- or at least come close to meeting their business objectives -- is to own and self-operate the entire IT infrastructure. To be blunt, this conclusion is inaccurate. There is a better and more economical alternative, which is known as hosted IT infrastructure, and its benefits to SMBs are overwhelming.

The report, titled "SMBs Can Cut IT Costs by More Than 75% by Subscribing to Hosted IT Infrastructure Services", continues with the Top 5 Reasons Why SMBs Should Adopt Hosted IT Infrastructures in 2007. Web and database services, Security, Email and Back-up on the prime services, but TCO (total cost of ownership) and ROI (return on investment) need to take into account the cost of hiring IT staff, Utilities, lease premiums, hardware & software, payroll, and risk. Take a look at the PDF and use some of it in YOUR marketing for Managed IT Services.

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