Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Give and Take Away

  • AT&T is giving away HD channels for a year to anyone to takes an HD package billing through AT&T whether it is U-Tube, DTV or DISH. (I don't have any details).
  • AT&T is offered 14 days of WOW (World of Warcraft from Vivendi in a deal). So when you get hooked and lose your job, you still have to pay or face termination fees. (see next item)
  • VZ is charging a fee to terminate Broadband ($150) [source] - to recoup some of the expenses, or as we call it the customer acquisition costs. We'll see how that holds up in court since most BB deals are without a written contract.
  • In other news, VZW has finally decided to tell people that Unlimited data means 5GB per month. [source]. And if you are mad and cancel - the termination charge is $150 to $240.
  • In one more take away, Microsoft and AT&T are giving your data to the gov't [source]

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