Thursday, April 05, 2007

ELN Hires More Marketing Help

Last month, EarthLink hired TM-One to market and sell their Voice services. This week, the news is that "Hauser Group announced its selection by EarthLink's municipal networks business unit to help launch and rollout the company's citywide wireless (Wi-Fi) networks in markets across the nation. The account, which is for an undisclosed amount, was awarded to the Southeast-based integrated marketing firm to provide strategic and creative services, media planning and buying, as well as tactical support....Hauser Group will provide strategic thinking and apply breakthrough tactical approaches that include a media buy that literally uses the whole city as a communications canvas, to assist EarthLink in building awareness and driving subscriptions for its new services. Direct Partners will continue to handle EarthLink's direct marketing efforts."

Hauser likes to use buzz words like strategic and tactical. But if they don't understand the business - and what they are selling - and to whom they are selling it - then Hauser would just be another Advertising Agency. (Ad agencies are all about the media buys. Marketing is all about getting the buzz out on your services and converting that buzz into sales. That's what RAD-INFO does.)

EarthLink used to be THE marketing ISP. (And they were not a network company). Today, they are building and buying networks - and outsourcing marketing.

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