Thursday, April 05, 2007

Customers Don't Care

In this article in Phone+ mag, Bill Stinnett writes that "In fact, our customers probably don’t care about — or even want — the solution. What they want are business results. So I’d like to propose a somewhat radical idea. Why don’t we quit trying to sell them solutions? Let’s start selling results!"

"In order to sell results, you have to understand what your customer’s business goals and objectives are before you start positioning your solution. I call this the results-based approach to selling and it requires a process that is quite different from the way many salespeople have been taught to sell."

Many ISP owners get so enamored of the technology, they forget that people don't understand.

One example is how cable sells VOIP. They never call it VoIP. It has the same features as the POTS line from the ILEC. They install it and connect it to the inside wiring. You have the same phone and experience as with the ILEC. And cable has taken 10M lines this way.

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