Friday, April 20, 2007

Cbeyond Does It Again

Cbeyond once again demonstrates to the CLEC sector that there is room for innovation and real differentiation. Cbeyond added MVNO (cellular / mobile) lines to their Integrated T1 service last year. Customers could add a line for $45 - mobile or on the T1. Now they seemed to have added EVDO data.
Using the new BeyondMobile Laptop Access service and a Sierra Wireless AirCard(R) 595 PC Card, customers will be able to wirelessly access online information nationwide at broadband speeds. [source]
Andy Abramson comments:
Given they have one of the brightest guys in the business running product management in Brent Cobb (ex Earthlink, ex Helio dream team member) and a sales model of just being out there selling, everyday, I'd say that they may be onto something that is right for their market of small to midsize business customers.

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