Monday, March 26, 2007

Vonage-vs-VZ: more

The Vonage-VZ Patent battle is interesting because rumors are swirling that Vonage will sell off. Andy at VoIP Watch says that Vonage has $500M in the bank -- how is that possible when they have been spending like a bored trophy wife in SoBe? From the numbers I have seen, the $58M will leave them with less than $100M - roughly what they spend every quarter on advertising, but that spending is slowing. The 5.5% roylaty won't leave them much left from their MRC either. The 6 pending investor lawsuits and appeals won't be cheap either. What happens with the injunction? If the injunction goes through, the likely winner won't be VZ. More likely CableVision. Of course, they were targeted by VZ because half of VON's customers used to be with VZ. Maybe someone will buy the client base.

(Isen has some info here. IPUrbia's patent analysis. More patent info. My other post and post.)

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