Monday, March 05, 2007

Resellers the new name of the game

The new game in telecom is RESELLER. That can mean many things to many people but in this case it means REBILLER. The company just rebills the circuits from the carrier. There are many: PNG, AireSpring, UCN, BTN Access, WCS, TNCI, Giglinx, NIT, and many others. Promising higher commission percentages and lower rates than going direct, rebillers could have an interesting effect on the telecom, the industry that is starting to look like 1999 all over again.

Think about this: if the rates are lower, then a higher percentage doesn't mean anything in real money. Would you rather have 10% of $100 or 20% of $50?

Besides Rebillers, there are other types of Resellers. White Label retailers. It's all about the sales organization (and the motivation of that sales org). Of course, most people are selling based on price, not value or reliability or direct access, so is that really selling??

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