Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ReignMaker Goes Shopping

VoIP Providers are a strange lot. Most of the 1200+ out there are vapor. Many are just virtual - in other words, they either offer someone else's service from a white-label platform or they are piecing together other platforms. Mostly this means that they have no control over much of what goes on. Many are private & secret (see affinity voip telecom). ReignMaker's press release today leaves me with more questions than answers.

Reignmaker Communications, a leading privately held VoIP Hosted PBX telephony company, today announced that they have completed the acquisition of two Georgia-based communication companies, CyberSouth Networks and Swifttel Communications, for an undisclosed amount of cash and stock.

Okay, who is CyberSouth Networks and Swifttel? CyberSouth was an ISP in Vidalia. SwiftTel was a CLEC that BellSouth was disconnecting in 9/2006, according to GA PSC notes. In January, 2007, Reignmaker actually submitted to the PSC to transfer the SwiftTel CLEC license and rename the company.

As part of these acquisitions, Reignmaker will be picking up a CLEC license in Georgia, which will operate within its new, wholly owned subsidiary named Reignmaker Telecom, Inc.

They apparently weren't a CLEC prior. And they bought a Broadsoft softswitch in the acquisition, so I have to wonder how much longer they need to use the services of CommX in Tampa, their current softswitch service back office.

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