Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Presence for Customer Care

I was speaking with one of my vendors at the show when he asked me how everything was going. I asked if he wanted the truth. He gulped and said yes. I told him about the communication problems - more precisely the lack of communication from the time the order was sent in until the install. I had to hammer at them to get any info. They were thinking about implementing a piece of software.

    • I said: How about IM?
    • "What? IM?"
    • I said yeah. IM is sophisticated now. You can use it like Presence. Make the folks in provisioning keep IM on and I can ping them for updates.
    • That might work.
    • Worth a try.

See what happens when you get some honest feedback from your partners? For those that really know me, they know that I swing a blunt hammer. But I can pepper that bruise with ideas on how to fix the problem area.

BTW, Presence is the new big thing for Cisco and Microsoft. The idea at MS is that with Live Communicator Server you can put your compnay, your vendors and your clients on the same Presence server so that communications become easier. You will know when people are available, out of the office, or whatever. Less phone tag. It is supposed to improve communications - and productivity. (Or maybe it is just a way around voice mail :)

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