Friday, March 23, 2007

One VoIP Provider with a Chip

One VoIP Provider that I contacted about pricing on O/T sent me the price sheet, then sent me two email in 5 days "checking in"(see here). I emailed back that I thought he should have used the follow up to add some value, but all it did was make him hostile. Then he was nice enough to tell me how big and wonderful his company is:
In all honesty, a $500 contract is nothing. Did you know that Affinity’s main focus is a Private Label Program that resellers pay 5 figures just to use? Did you know that we own a multi million dollar switch and have partnered with many Tier 1 vendors? Did you know that we are one of only two VoIP providers that have a direct transport agreement with the largest 911 provider in the United States?
Then I did a Google search on the company and find out that there are 17,700 hits because they have put there name on every directory in existence - and made a few up themselves. But not one peep from anyone in the top level positions -- not even a press mention. So how big can you be? Then I find out that the company sales guy is known for being pushy. Maybe I should have called Via-Talk.

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