Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Naked DSL

Qwest has had it forever. VZ offers it for the last year or so. (Port your landline number to a cell phone or VoIP and you can keep the DSL going). Now, at&t is selling Naked DSL for the Gen Y cell phone only crowd in Michigan. [source] at&t has finally realized it is better to get $20 for the copper while providing DSL than to just lose the customer altogether when they want the cell / broadband package. (Cable was happy to be the BB provider - and now bundles cell & BB as a package in some areas). --> Let me restate that: "Naked DSL costs $44.99 a month, but a bundle that includes Naked DSL and Cingular Wireless service starts at $65 a month." at&t will make more money just offering Naked than they would selling a bundle. Wow! Ballsy.

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