Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My 4 from the Pulver 2007 Top 100

Pulver picked his Top 100 VoIP companies for 2007 (it is VON time again). I'm familiar with these 4:

GrandCentral has been named to the list as a result of the development of its feature-rich one-number service to give users a simple solution to linking their voice devices. GrandCentral doesn’t replace the devices, but rather enables users to be reached with a single number, to answer a call at any phone they want and to seamlessly switch phones in the middle of a call. GrandCentral CEO Craig Walker says, “GrandCentral is setting out to untangle the mess of modern communications caused by too many devices and too little control. We’ve worked hard to come up with an elegant solution for people who want to manage their personal communications simply, but with unique and enhanced features."

"Iotum’s “New Presence” is a personal, user-centric view of presence. Instead of merely reflecting today’s crude, device-specific “availability awareness,” Ottawa-based Iotum’s New Presence systems understand context, relationships, wants and desires. The New Presence model reflects the integrated conversation web we live in today—and Iotum’s technology will be the nerve center for these intelligent new services." [All this marketing jumble and even they can't sum SightSpeed is the provider of the first complete suite of personal video services delivered over the Internet. Its award-winning services are available to both Windows PCs and Macintosh personal computers, and are interoperable between both. SightSpeed recently released version 6.0 of its software with even more improvements in its best-in-class video quality, a new user interface and the capability to record and play back SightSpeed calls. Importantly, SightSpeed 6.0 is now fully SIP and standards-based as well. TalkPlus, located in San Mateo, Calif., has been named to the list as a result of its innovative mobile services that enable professionals and consumers to add additional lines to their mobile phones and more effectively manage their calls. TalkPlus’ virtual phone-number services let subscribers have multiple numbers on a single mobile phone for placing and receiving calls. More than a call forwarding system, TalkPlus allows the user to change their outbound Caller ID to any authorized phone number. With TalkPlus, subscribers can easily manage all personal and business calls from a single device—no longer is there a need to carry multiple phones to manage multiple numbers. In addition, TalkPlus subscribers have access to call-management functions such as call-screening, priority-call notification, do-not-disturb and more.

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