Friday, March 16, 2007

Hosted Email is VZ SaaS

What stunned me was the headline calling this SaaS (Software as a service): "Verizon Business Sees Growth Opportunities Ahead for its 'Software-as-a-Service' Hosted Messaging".

"The number of customers using Verizon Business Hosted Messaging services continues to grow as more enterprise customers seek the benefits of having an expert service provider handle e-mail system management."

And here is your case study and marketing message for when you offer Managed Email (or Managed Messaging or Hosted Messaging services):

Internet Securities Inc., a global aggregator of business and market analysis information and a user of Verizon Business Hosted Messaging, said that outsourcing e-mail helps it control costs while avoiding the headaches that go with the in-house management of increasingly complex e-mail systems. Internet Securities also relies on Verizon Business to integrate its e-mail system with Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry devices, helping employees at the company's 26 global offices stay connected - at work and on the go."A lot of overhead is involved with managing your own e-mail system and protecting it as a vital enterprise infrastructure and communications lifeblood," said Antonio Monteiro, chief information officer for Internet Securities. "There are security concerns, load-balancing issues, storage considerations and endless patching routines. By working with Verizon Business, we can focus more of our energy on serving our clients."

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