Friday, March 23, 2007

Case # 1:06-cv-00682-CMH-BRP

US Federal Case # 1:06-cv-00682-CMH-BRP: Verizon Services Corp. et al v. Vonage Holdings Corp. et al (Vonage Holdings Corp. and Vonage America Inc. as defendants, and Verizon Services Corp. and Verizon Laboratories Inc. as plaintiffs.)

The patents fall into three general categories: (1) two network patents (commercial scale 2 VoIP telephony), (2) a public wireless/cordless handset patent and (3) four feature patents (e.g., voicemail in VoIP). Patent # U.S. patent nos. 6,430,275; 6,137,869; 6,104,711; 6,282,574; 6,359,880; 6,298,062 & 6,128,304.

U.S. Patent Nos. 6,137,869 and 6,430,275 - are method claims that recite particular steps for "session management," which provide authentication, validation, pricing, and authorization from a ULO to a session control object (a gateway) and maintain a record of the call initiation, progress, termination, and pricing in the ULO. [VZ won these 2 plus these 3: U.S. Patents Nos. 6,104,711 and 6,282,574 and 6,359,880. Read the opinion if you want to read the technobabble as translated by a Federal Judge].

Opposition to [291] MOTION for Summary Judgment of non-infringement of U.S. patent nos. 6,430,275; 6,137,869; 6,104,711; 6,282,574; 6,359,880; 6,298,062 & 6,128,304 filed by Verizon Communications, Inc., Verizon Services Corp., Verizon Laboratories Inc. tog. w/Exhibits filed in a brown box (UNDER SEAL)(Entered: 02/08/2007)

3/8/07 - The jury returned to the jury room to continue deliberations. The jury returned to the courtroom at 2:50 w/a verdict finding infringement of claim 27 of the '574 patent, claim 20 of the '711 patent and Claims 1, 6, 7, and 8 of the '880 patent and finding that the infringement was not willful. The jury did NOT find infringement of claims 1 & 2 of the '869 patent and Claims 1 & 2 of the '275 patent. The jury found none of the claims at issue in patents '574, '711, '869, '275, or '880 to be invalid. The jury awarded pltfs damages in the amount of $58M and found the reasonable royalty percentage to be 5.5%. Judgment to be entered in accordance with the verdict. Pltfs motion for Permanent Injunction to heard on 3/23/07 @ 10:00. If you want a copy of the 28 page verdict without tracking it down in PACER and paying the $4, email to with your name and contact info and subject Vonage Patent. Update: has Google links for each patent that gives detail (here).

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