Thursday, February 01, 2007

Telecom Vendors Crying

With the shrinking of the number of CLECs and ILECs, telecom vendors are now crying. The blame for bad earnings is cast to the SBC mergers and the VZ-MCI merger. Well, what did they think was going to happen??? When you have 20 competing companies, you have 20 prospects. When the 8 RBOCs starting merging, you had to see th ewriting on the wall. (Even though that writing was covered up by the fast cash to CLECs). But th emergers and FCC rulings have all but killed off CLECs. And with only 3 RBOC's remaining.... well, that means 3 clients tops. When I was lobbying for II4A, we tried to explain to the vendors that consolidation would eventually kill their business as well. (Marconi, Alcatel, Lucent, Redback, Zoom).

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