Friday, February 02, 2007

Telcos Do Remote Desktop Support, Do you?

"As adoption of broadband services continues to incline, telcos like phone, broadband, and digital TV services provider Windstream Communications are faced with a consumer conundrum: servicing not just tech-savvy users but nontechnical customers as well. The $3.2 billion company--formed through the spinoff of Alltel's landline business and merger with VALOR Telecom--faced an uphill battle, though. The telco grappled with high call volumes while operating with no insight into consumers' PCs, no automated self-service choices available to customers, and no other tech support channels aside from phoning Windstream's service reps, according to Dave Fritz, senior vice president of IT at Windstream. "
Many ILEC's do remote desktop support. What are you doing?

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