Thursday, February 01, 2007

Speaking of Handsets & Branding

It turns out that VZW had first dibs on the iPhone --- and they turned it down (full story here). This might turn out to be the case that bites them in the backside. VZW is already behind Cingular (soon to be the new at&t) - by a few million subs. iPhone is going to be a big bump, even if the phone sucks, which it won't. And where do you think those subs will come from?? VZW - and some of the other carriers like Sprint, Alltel, T-Mobile. BTW, in the Cingular deal, Apple has most of the marketing responsibility. A plus.

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dylan said...

I know I am getting one, and I'm not even a Cingular customer...yet.

dylan said...

And a good follow up to this article is:

Just absolutely unbelievable. But better explains why they turned down the iPhone.