Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rural BB Funding

Funding fiber to the farm in Telephony mag on 2/6/2007:
"Like finding well-situated season tickets to your favorite sports team, it can be daunting to get a telecom grant or loan from the Rural Utilities Service. But once the task is accomplished, the payback can be enormous. Start-up communications service provider Air Advantage, for example, was able to use RUS grants and low-interest loans to expand its high-speed wireless network to serve a sparsely populated area of Michigan that had no high-speed connectivity."

The FCC has recently announced a two-year pilot program that would fund up to 85% of the costs for the design, construction and use of dedicated broadband networks in order to expand the availability and use of telehealth and telemedicine, particularly in rural areas. [Details on the Association of Telehealth Service Providers website.]

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