Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quad-Play by VZ

TelecomWeb reports on the Quad-Play from VZ:

"Verizon unveiled double-, triple- and quad-play offers that, for the first time, incorporate Verizon Wireless into its bundled plans but, for unexplained reasons, none of the offers are available to its FiOS fiber-based customers. The broadband in the packages has to come over copper and, rather than being delivered over fiber, the video must come via satellite."

This amazes me:

"The top plan, Ultimate Freedom, combines all four services [unlimited landline calling, 3MB DSL, DTV and VZW] and costs anywhere from $134.99 to $144.99 a month. According to Verizon, subscribing to this plan will save consumers as much as $27.97 a month compared with purchasing the services separately."

WOW! A whopping $28 per month if you tie yourself to VZ for 2 years. What a deal. Is there a guaranteed that the rate won't change?!

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