Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Long Tail of VoIP Service

If you don't want to actually offer VoIP due to the numerous reasons I can think of (PITA with little profit; 911; LNP; billing), how about managing the VoIP experience? The router, the Q0S, the IP-PBX. In an article about Skype, it lists the 25 Tips to Improve your Skype Experience. Once again, there are features or benefits that a small office might like - free calling AND the nifty features that require either hacks or add-ons - that the average person does not want to tackle, but would like to have working. That's where you come in. Sell them the Implementation. Sell Managed Services with that DSL circuit. And with Bitwine you can start charging per-minute for your knowledge. Why the Long Tail? Because you don't have to be a VOIP Provider to make money on VoIP. (You probably didn't make money on LEC Voice services).

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