Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Google Apps versus

"Google first. The idea is to replace corporate servers and software by using Google's amazing array of football-field-size server farms filled with computers cobbled together with Velcro and duct tape..... Beyond letting a group of people acquire unlimited e-mail accounts for reading and writing while using Web browsers from the PC, Mac and Linux worlds, these accounts contain a calendar that looks simple as solitaire but links to a set of scheduling and contact managing tools. In rivaling the Outlook module in Microsoft Office, they also can be shared and coordinated by network servers just as is done with Outlook on Exchange Server.... With a $19.95 Office Live deal you get 20 e-mail accounts, an Outlook-caliber calendar and contact tool and a serious collaboration module. Ditto Google, only there it's free." [Source]

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Anonymous said...

too far android is offering the best apps