Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FCC will pay Rural Health to connect to I2

According to an FCC order, Rural Healthcare broadband networks can get funding to connect to Internet2 or National LambdaRail:
In this Order, we grant a Petition filed by National LambdaRail, Inc. (NLR) seeking reconsideration or, in the alternative, clarification of the Commission’s order establishing a rural health care pilot program to encourage the provision of telehealth and telemedicine services throughout the nation. Specifically, we find that pilot program applicants may request and, if selected, may receive funding to support up to 85 percent of the cost of connecting state and regional broadband networks to the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development, Inc. (Internet2) or NLR. We further find that an applicant that proposes to connect its state or regional broadband networks to Internet2 or NLR may either (1) pre-select Internet2 or NLR; or (2) seek a competitive bid for the provision of nationwide backbone services from Internet2 or NLR. To ensure the success of the pilot program, we expect that Internet2 and NLR will interconnect or peer with each other. Finally, we provide applicants with an additional thirty (30) days time to submit their applications to the Commission.

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