Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ELN gets Houston Wi-Fi

Yahoo news is reporting that EarthLink will build Houston's 600 square mile wi-fi network.

Houston would join more than 250 communities across the nation that plan to or already offer wireless Internet to residents, businesses and government workers. Once completed, Houston's municipal Wi-Fi network would be the largest in North America, EarthLink officials said.

Now I'm not picking on ELN or anything, but pledging to build the largest network when you haven't really gotten one up and running smoothly yet seems presumptive.

For those of you looking for details about retail and wholesale pricing:

EarthLink, as part of the agreement, will provide wireless Internet access to 40,000 low-income users for $10 a month or less.... Everyone else would be able to get the service through EarthLink or several other providers, including PeoplePC, Vonage and DirecTV. EarthLink's wholesale price for those providers will be about $12 per month; how much subscribers would have to pay depends on the individual offers the providers come up with, Berryman said. He estimates it would range from $14 to $21.95, the latter being what EarthLink expects to charge for a subscription.

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