Thursday, February 08, 2007

Critical Customer Service Skills

John Moore at Brand Autopsy has a post about Exceeding Customer Expectations, a book by Kirk Kazanjian based on the operating principles of Enterprise Rent-A-Car about Customer Service. Here are the Critical Customer Service Skills:
  1. A passion for taking care of customers.
  2. A willingness to be flexible.
  3. A work ethic based on dedication to the company and its mission.
  4. An eagerness to learn a new business and work their way up.
  5. Self-motivation and goal-orientation.
  6. Persuasive sales skills.
  7. Excellent communication skills.
  8. Leadership ability.

How do you find employees like this? Be on the look-out constantly. Collect resumes. Acquire referrals from clients, vendors, and especially employees. (Does your website have a career page?)

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