Sunday, February 18, 2007

Case Study in Service: Jet Blue

Jet Blue blew it last Valentine's Day. A snowstorm in JFK, their hub, stranded thousands - many stuck on planes for 4 to 11 hours. (Documented by the press and blogs like JetBlueHostage). Jet Blue failed on every level of customer service last Wed. The kiosks had no info. The manager with the megaphone walking the terminal did not provide any info. The 800 number was overloaded, directed you to the website, and hung up.

JetBlue has been struggling since early 2006 when their plane lease payments became due. Blue even sent some planes back to Airbus.

This was one of the shining stars in air travel. DirecTV. Nice snacks. Comfy, roomy seats. Not the cheapest either. But all that was damaged - maybe for good - last Wed.

On Tom Peters blog, many think that it is a sympton of the airlines' attitude in general. I agree because most airlines, especially Delta, treat passengers as a nuisance. I'm tired of using tax money to bail out this industry, too. Let them fail. Another company will come along and for a little while provide good service.

My problem with JetBlue is that this isn't the first snow storm - and they had warning. Six years in business, you should have a plan - a procedure - in place to COMMUNICATE with your clients.

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